To be a photographer is to be a problem solver

I try to keep my work varied but the bottom line is that I photograph people, whether it be a portrait, ad campaign, event, catalogue, case study, magazine feature, or fashion shoot. I shoot some product work and often sooner or later it involves people. I work with a variety of clients, sometimes there is a clear plan, other times it can be an organic process and the end result can be different and better than the original concept.

I studied photography at college which brought me to Swansea. After graduating I took every opportunity to shoot and freelance. One of my first big commercial jobs was before digital cameras were invented, I would come away from shoots and develop and print in a darkroom built at home, then deliver the black and white prints in person.

I gained a lot of experience by working at a news and picture agency in Wales for eight years. I photographed for newspapers and magazines, both the glamorous and not-so-glamorous side of the industry as well as for PR companies and government marketing departments.

In 2004 I started my own business and have never looked back.
I began shooting more involved marketing jobs and built up my client base. I found a new passion for creative photography which I feared I’d lost after so many years spent standing in the rain at the corner of a football pitch or outside a crown court. Quite often the biggest part of my job is to solve problems to achieve a final product based on a brief. After nearly 30 years in the photographic industry, I still enjoy my job every single day and I bring that enthusiasm to every shoot.

about Martin Ellard photographer