Headshot photography

I’m a professional headshot photographer based in Swansea, South Wales. How many social media platforms are you and your business active on? Most require a profile picture unless you want people to think you look like a two-dimensional grey avatar. But what you use for your personal Instagram may not be appropriate for your business LinkedIn profile picture, and what you use on Snapchat may not be what you need to project on your website.

Headshots definitely fill some people with dread because they hate having their picture taken or they don’t think they can smile naturally in front of a camera. I will work with each person to put them at ease to achieve a relaxed approachable image.

Below are examples of location-based studio setups with different neutral backgrounds and also environment-based headshots with additional lighting.

A studio can be set up anywhere and a plain background is recommended for social media profile pictures but for websites you may want to be photographed on location in your office or place of work. I can come to you to minimize any work disruption

Get in touch if you need a new headshot for yourself or maybe your entire team. If you want to go further and create extra content for your business then take a look at my brand photography page.