branding photography

Branding photography is basically a stock library of images that show just how damn cool and approachable you are and that everyone should come and do business with you. It gives you a set of images that can be used on your website and across your social media platforms that is ‘on brand’ whether that means consistent colours, props, locations, or a specific look created in the editing process of images or video.

With more and more people becoming entrepreneurs with their own little niche, content creators use online marketing as the primary way for many to reach out to new and existing customers. Having a nice headshot profile picture is great, but if you want your customers to really connect with you and put a personality as well as a face to your brand then this type of photography will help you. It tells a story of who you are and shows your passion for your work.

Typically, a one-hour shoot will provide a selection of location-based headshots, half and full-length portraits, an outfit change if appropriate, and possibly a location change. Some images will be composed to give you the ability to add graphics or text on social media posts. It will also provide a selection of useful images to use on social media and as extra filler shots around a website rather than buying in extra stock photos. Shooting at your office, where you work, or heading to an outdoor location, together we can plan what will work best for you and your brand, this includes styling and suggestions on colours and props if needed. It can be a one-off shoot or we can arrange regular updates to top up your social media stock library.

For larger businesses with more people to photograph, it’s worth considering a half-day to full-day shoot, this will also give you a larger library of images to use over time.

If you want to build a selection of brand photography like this to promote your business get in touch and let’s plan something amazing.