Food & drink photography

So you know your food is amazing, but does it look amazing on your website? It seems a shame to have a restaurant, hotel, or catering company with fantastic food but rely on bought stock images or snaps taken quickly on a mobile phone. Good chefs like people enjoying their food, and amazing chefs also like having photographs taken of their food because it’s their art.

Most of the food photography I shoot across South Wales is on location, usually at a hotel or restaurant. This means I have to set up a dedicated studio area to keep everything consistent throughout the entire shoot. Some projects can involve interior photography as well, to add to a website or to build a marketing library of images. It’s often not just about the food but the style and ambiance of the place where you eat the food that’s important.

Here’s a wide selection of images taken at venues across Wales, and we’ll start with 16 images from a recent shoot for FOUR Magazine of Michelin Star chef Gareth Ward at his restaurant Ynyshir

So, you know your food is amazing and you need delicious photography. Let me know how I can help.