food photography South Wales

Food photography is a very involved subject that requires a lot of patience and cooperation and a damn good chef of course.

So you know your food is amazing but does it look amazing on your website. It seems crazy how many hotels, restaurants and catering companies show a few nice photos, sometimes bought stock, and then fill blogs and social media with snaps taken quickly on a mobile phone. The lighting is shocking and the colours are waay off.

Good chefs like people enjoying their food, amazing chefs like having photographs taken of their food because it’s their art.

Most of the food photography I shoot across South Wales is on location, usually at a hotel or restaurant. This means I have to set up a dedicated studio area to keep everything consistent throughout the entire shoot. Some projects can involve interior photography as well, to add to a website or to build a marketing library of images. It’s often not just about the food but the style and ambience of the place where you eat the food that’s important.

michelin star food photography South Wales
michelin star food photographer South Wales
michelin star restaurant photography South Wales

The following three images were shot for a traditional family butcher in West Wales. Raw meat is something that must be photographed carefully because the colour is extremely important.

raw meat food styling photography South Wales
raw meat butchers photography South Wales
raw meat butchers photography South Wales

The set below was taken for a seafood restaurant in Mumbles, South Wales. They had some spare whitewashed planks of wood that had been used to decorate the interior of the building, they were the perfect backdrop to keep the images on brand.

food photographer South Wales
lobster restaurant photo
restaurant interior Swansea
restaurant photographer South Wales

Part of a Christmas wedding menu. When shooting a table with a room in the background, time must be spent making that background look real which means laying tables and setting ambient lighting.

These images were shot for an event caterer to promote summer BBQ’s.

So, you know your food is amazing and you need delicious photography. Let me know how I can help.